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History 20 (Grade 11)
History 20 (Grade 11)

History 20 is a historical survey of the western world, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. The text used for the course is World History for Christian Schools. The five units, developed from a Biblical perspective, satisfy the objectives of the same course from Saskatchewan Learning.

This workbook series was developed for use by schools using an individualized, mastery-based learning system, and therefore comes with score keys, tests, and test keys.

At the end of each unit, the student should be able to:

Unit 1: The Great War

  • outline the causes of World War I
  • explain the Biblical teaching concerning the origin of war
  • explain the events that led to World War I
  • outline the major events of the war
  • discuss the role the United States played in the war
  • outline the postwar treaties and their provisions
  • identify the key personalities during this period of history
  • discuss whether peace can be achieved through military disarmament

Unit 2: Discontent and Experimentation

  • identify the key personalities in the western world after WWI
  • explain the causes of weakness amongst the Allied nations
  • discuss the economic problems of Britain, France, and the U.S. after WWI
  • define totalitarianism and the characteristics of totalitarian states
  • outline the events that led to the collapse of the Russian monarchy
  • compare and contrast fascism and communism
  • discuss Mussolini and Hitler’s rise to power
  • explain how the Era of Disillusionment was reflected in the arts

Unit 3: The Second World War

  • outline the actions that led to war in Europe and in the Pacific
  • explain the policy of appeasement
  • identify key personalities from World War II
  • account for Hitler’s success during the early years of the war
  • discuss whether or not the allies were justified in dropping the atomic bomb
  • outline four consequences of World War II

Unit 4: The Cold War Era

  • identify major themes of the post-World War II era
  • define "cold war", and outline the issues, events, and leaders of the Cold War
  • outline and explain the rise of communism
  • discuss the change in superpower relations in 1980s
  • outline the causes of the collapse of the Soviet empire

Unit 5: To the Present

  • describe and explain the organization of the United Nations
  • discuss the pursuit of Christian unity
  • identify issues confronting industrialized nations
  • outline problems confronting Third World countries
  • identify causes of strife in the Middle East, and outline the major conflicts between Arabs and Israelis
  • describe the prevailing character and concerns of the modern age
  • discuss the goal of a "new world order" in light of Christian action
  • discuss the lessons history teaches, from a Biblical perspective
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