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SAICS Schools

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SAICS has provided support for Independent Church Schools in the province of Saskatchewan since 1983.

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Working Together to Build Strong Families

The early 1980's saw a great increase in the establishment of private church schools in Saskatchewan.

On June 10, 1983, representatives from various church schools and parents who were teaching their children at home met in Saskatoon to discuss the legal position of parents who wished to be responsible for the education of their own children and to formulate a vehicle of communication to promote the objectives and protect the freedoms of this group. Thus was birthed the Saskatchewan Association of independent Church Schools or SAICS.

SAICS continues to work with government to ensure its schools can continue to operate according to its Biblical mandate, and participates in discussions authorized by the premier/Minister of Education to assist in charting the course for a way of education that will help parents and their church schools train children for the glory of God.

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COURSE Materials
Course Materials

SAICS has developed Christian curriculum (where none other was available) to match Saskatchewan Learning objectives for high school courses.

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