Ordering Info
Ordering Info

Methods for Ordering:

Please order through the website by using the ordering form to the right or you may also print out the PDF version of the order form to the right and fax your order to 1-306-242-8229.

If you have any questions regarding an order or if you have any questions about the curriculum before you submit your order you may call 1-306-242-8229 or Contact us online.

We only sell complete sets of workbooks (i.e. Math 10 as a set) and not individual workbooks.

There is an 8% charge for shipping and handling with a minimum charge of $15.00.


There is a 20% restocking fee and the items must be in resalable condition and returned within the school calendar year of order.

SAICS Order Form

Price lists and textbook lists have been provided in PDF format. Order form will be available soon.

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Please fill out the order form below. Please make sure that you enter all of the required fields indicated by the arrow.
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ALGE Cards: 
ALGE Workbook: 
ALGE (Scorekey): 
Foundations and Pre-Calculus 10: 
Pre-Calculus 10 (Scorekey): 
Foundations of Mathematics 20: 
Mathematics 20 (Scorekey): 
Foundations of Mathematics 30: 
Mathematics 30 (Scorekey): 
English 20: 
English 20 (Scorekey): 
English 20 Tape: 
English A30: 
English A30 (Scorekey): 
Man from Glendary: 
Gully Farm: 
Quiet in the Land: 
English B30 (text req): 
English B30 (Scorekey): 
English B30 (single text ver): 
English B30 (Scorekey): 
English B30 - Tape: 
Shakespeare Sonnets: 
Shakespeare... (Scorekey): 
Man from Shadow Ridge: 
Man from... (Scorekey): 
Vinegar Boy: 
Vinegar Boy (Scorekey): 
The Prince and the Pauper: 
The Prince...(Scorekey): 
This Present Darkness: 
This Present...(Scorekey): 
History 10 (textbook required): 
History 10 (Scorekey): 
History 20 (textbook required): 
History 20 (Scorekey): 
History 30 (textbook required): 
History 30 (Scorekey): 
History 31 (textbook required): 
History 31 (Scorekey): 
Canada, A N. American Nation: 
Science 10: 
Science 10 (Scorekey): 
Health Science 20: 
Health Science 20 (Scorekey): 
Biology 30 (textbook required): 
Biology 30 (Scorekey): 
Chemistry 30 (textbook req): 
Chemistry 30 (Scorekey): 
Physics 30 (textbook required): 
Physics 30 (Scorekey): 
Social Studies 6: 
Social... 6 (Scorekey): 
Social Studies 8: 
Social... 8 (Scorekey): 
Social Studies 9: 
Social... 9 (Scorekey): 
Food Sciences 10: 
Food Sciences 10 (Scorekey): 
Information Processing: 
Inf. Pro... (Scorekey): 
Personal Wellness: 
Drama 10 (teachers edition): 
Drama 10 (student workbook): 
COURSE Materials
Course Materials

SAICS has developed Christian curriculum (where none other was available) to match Saskatchewan Learning objectives for high school courses.

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Find out more information about ordering courses that have been developed by SAICS including score keys and associated textbooks.

Ordering Information
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